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Sambalpuri Sarees:

Sambalpuri Sarees are the most wonderful sarees of India, these are produced in Western Odisha, mainly in Sonepur, Bargarh, Sambalpur, Boudh and Balangir Districts of Odisha. Each and Every thread of the Sambalpuri Sarees are Handwoven. All the process involved in weaving a saree is carried out manually, no machine is used in any of the steps.

Sambalpuri sarees particularly are known for the utilization of traditional themes taking after its relationship with this shoreline state, for example, Sankha or shell, phula or flower, and chakra or wheel, swans, fish.

Sambalpuri Cotton Saree with Unique Swans, Lotus & Flowers Designs

                 Swans, Lotus & Flowers weaving in Sambalpuri Saree

 Fishes Designed in Sambalpuri Saree

Fish Designs on the Sambalpuri Saree


At times in some of the sarees, animal motifs also are used for enhancing the look of the pallu and borders.

The process of weaving Sambalpuri Sarees:

The process starts with dyeing the cotton/silk material. In short, the coloring process includes dipping the material repeatedly in the boiled color water. Utmost care is taken while dyeing the cotton/silk to make sure that the color is uniform throughout the material and it doesn't affect the quality of the material.

Check out this video before continuing:

The most alluring part of these sarees is their association with Bandhakala-the customary craft of tie-dye, also known as Ikkat or Ikat. In this method, first, the threads are well tied and dyed and then they are used for weaving. This entire process usually takes more than two weeks to get completed. 

Sambalpuri sarees which are made totally from textures woven unpredictably on handloom are exceptionally famous all through the nation. Again you will be astounded to realize that there are around 5 unique variations of Sambalpuri saree which are to be specific Sonepuri, Bomkai, Bapta, Barpali and Pasapali sarees.

Among all these, Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta are highly in demand.

In Sambalpuri sarees, you get to explore new patterns including that of birds, animals, fishes, conch shell, flower, wheel, landscape and much more. Draping these sarees you get the relish the authenticity of Odisha.

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Different Types of Sambalpuri Saree:

Sambalpuri sarees as said before comes in both silk and cotton texture. While the cotton sarees are for everyday use, the silk ones are implied for specific occasions like, puja, wedding, different gatherings and others. Gone are the days when the range of these sarees was restricted to the state as it were. It is presently the customary and current blend which has made each one of the variations of Sambalpuri sarees prevalent even outside India. Take a look at the forte of these saree variations:

Pasapalli Sarees: 

The name Pasapali is derived from pasā or gambling games using Chess board. These saris have intricate check patterns of contrast colors resembling the chess boards which gives it such name.

Ikat Handloom Pasa Design Bapta Saree with Blouse Piece

Sambalpuri Saree with Pasapalli Design

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Bomkai Saree:

Bomkai sari was first originated in the village of Bomkai in Ganjam district of Odisha. During the time of Ramai Dev the then ruler of Patna, it was introduced in Sonepur.




This is another variant of the Sambalpuri saree prepared to mix both the silk and cotton fabric. Also in these sarees, gold colored threads are used which eventually enhance their elegance. Mostly they are suited for use during festive purposes.

Exclusive Bapta Saree with Blouse Piece Rs. 6,192.00



These sarees are made in Barpali, a small town situated in the western corner of Odisha about 70 km away from Sambalpur. The specialty of these sarees is their weaving pattern of Sambalpuri ikkat fabric.



These Sarees are also made in Sonepur & Barpali area of Odisha. The unique designs in the Sarees are called Patli design.


Two or more designs or colors present in Sambalpuri Saree is known as Half Half Saree, Below are the images and details.

Bomkai Cotton Saree Half Half Design (Blouse Piece Attached) (Rs. 5,846.00)


Half Half Design Bomkai Cotton Saree with Blouse Piece (RS. 7,641.00)


You will find Lining Designs in these type of Sarees. See the images below to get a better idea.



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Our Sarees are 100% Genuine hand woven and not Printed. Every single design which you see on our Sarees are created with passion by the skilled weavers and craftsmen of Odisha and hence are remarkable. We believe this journey will not only help artisans of Odisha but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today. Likewise, our Sarees are made with natural colors, and traditional process and its skin-friendly. Wear ethnic and unique and be pleased.

Our fair pricing and quick service across all products aim at customer benefit at first place. Customer delight is our motto.

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