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Diwali is one of the most favorite festivals of everyone. It is a most enjoyable, sacred and loveliest festival in the Hindu religion. It is celebrated every year all around the country as well as abroad (by the Indian people) with great joy and enthusiasm. Everyone (especially kids) waits for this festival with much keen. This festival is celebrated from the ancient time to mark the happy return of Lord Rama with his wife and brother to his Kingdom (Ayodhya) after long fourteen years of exile.

history of diwali, why is diwali celebrated, diwali essay, diwali for kids, who celebrates diwali, diwali facts, diwali food, diwali story


It is a five days long festival of lights and festivities, falls every year twenty days after Dussehra. It makes us feel the advent of the winter season. It brings lots of charms and delight in our life. Diwali is also known as Deepawali because we make a row or collection of many lamps out the home. People start festival preparations few days before the main date such as cleaning of houses, whitewashing of buildings, decorations, buy toys, gifts, flowers and other necessary things for the festival. At this day people become very happy and distribute gifts to each other.

The ethnic fashion is the thing that symbolizes these festive occasions, the fabulousness and marvelousness oozed out of traditional dresses and sarees is unmatchable amid this celebration of light.

We are here to make the correct harmony amongst tradition and today!

Here are the 5 Quick Tips About Diwali Shopping:

1. Go through your wardrobe

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Go through your wardrobe as thoroughly as possible! Knowing what you already own and what you need will solve 90% of your shopping hassles. Also, make a list of things you bought but never wore. Try to think of something you could buy to complement such items!

2. Shop for Traditional Wear

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When we talk about latest fashion nothing is traditional when it comes to ethnic wears. The fashion world is revolutionary and so are our saris. As this day is still considered a holiday there are social gatherings galore that require one to be dressed immaculately.

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3. Accessories Galore!

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When sales start, shop for Gorgeous and inexpensive accessories. Nobody likes to spend a massive amount of money on tiny things that people may or may not even notice. Hence, sales are the best time to shop for any kind of accessories. Stock up on all shoes, bags and statement fashion jewelry!

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 4. Shop Online!

Go online and Find all your favorite shopping websites! Online stores offer some incredible deals and discounts. So if you’re one of those who is skeptical of online shopping websites, You’ll find some of the most fantastic deals on items.

5. Keep Up With The Trends...

...the smart way! You don’t HAVE to follow the trend just how it is. Know what suits you, be choosy and most importantly, be you! Stay true to your style and look for items during sales that are trendy, yet not so cliche.

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