Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Sambalpuri sarees are handwoven sarees with intricate designs and motifs. It's difficult to resist the allure of a sambalpuri saree with its intricate designs and motifs.

Sambalpuri sarees, which originated in Western Odisha, are famous all over the world, with women from all walks of life appreciating the intricate embroidery and cloth weaving patterns.

If you want to add some sambalpuri magic to your wardrobe, here are the Top 5 Sambalpuri Cotton Sarees that you must have.

What Makes These Handloom Weavers So Special?

Nobody can deny the magnificence of these brilliant handloom weavers. They are masters of their craft and can create intricate designs that are stunning.

The best part is that they aren't just for sarees. They also make bedsheets, pillowcases, dupattas, and other items!

It is best to shop with a company that has been working with these artisans for over 5 years, such as OdiKala.

You'll be able to find the perfect item thanks to their team's expertise and knowledge of the artisans' craftsmanship! These handloom weavers are unique because their culture is so deeply ingrained in this process.

Top 5 Sambalpuri Cotton Sarees

1. Exclusive Designs Sambalpuri Ikat Cotton Saree

This hand woven ikat sambalpuri cotton saree has an orange and maroon base, each with unique designs of flowers and boxes arranged in diamonds.

The border has flowers and traditional designs while the pallu has orange colors with flowers and traditional designs.

This is all hand woven and made of 100% cotton which will give you a product that can't be found anywhere else!

2. Beautiful Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Odikala offers beautiful, quality sarees with unique designs that are fresh, trendy and traditional all at the best prices.

This particular type of Saree has pure cotton material in a multicolored body complemented by impressive square patterns and borders made of maroon-silver silk fabric.

It also has a lining design using multicolor flowers patterned sambalpuri embroidery which is perfect for women looking for something regal yet different!

3. Pasapali design Sambalpuri cotton saree with blouse piece

This Pasapalli Sambalpuri Saree is made from 100% Cotton and comes in both Black Red and White colors. It's decorated with patterns traditionally found on Pasapali sambalpuri designs, a border featuring red color, and a pallu embellished with similar styles.

The length of this sari measures 6.1 meters long, making it perfect for all types of formal events.

 4. Musical instruments design sambalpuri cotton saree with blouse piece

The beautiful sambalpuri cotton saree with matching blouse design is shaped for all of life's occasions. With a coffee-colored background adorned by a traditional style of Sambalpuri musical instruments, this six-meter long item can be worn to weddings, festivals or just about anywhere you want to look like an absolute goddess!

Best use: Traditional functions, Marriage, Puja, party and other special occasions. Length: 6 Meters & Width: 117 Cms.

 5. Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Among all of our beautiful sarees, this one deserves to be at the top of your list. Made from high quality handwoven fabric, this beautiful saree is made for you to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

It comes in a mehendi colour with pasapalli designs on both sides of the body while the border has light brown simple lining design which adds elegance when paired with the pallu made of light brown traditional textile design.

With its length coming out to five point forty meters long and width measuring 116 cms, it will look perfect on you if you decide it's time for some celebration!


Sambalpuri sarees are not only beautiful, but they also demonstrate the skill of those who make them. The patterns and motifs found on these handwoven pieces of fabric represent more than just a fashionable way to dress. They are symbolic of a culture, an art form, and a way of life. There are many colours and designs to choose from for those looking to purchase their first piece.

At OdiKala, we take pride in the high quality of our products and the fact that they are all hand-woven. We want to give you a variety of options so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

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