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Chausathi Yogini Temple | 64 Yogini Mandir

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Chausathi Yogini Temple | 64 Yogini Mandir

Chausathi Yogini Temple-the home of 64 yoginis, located 15-km south east of Bhubaneswar in a little beautiful town called Hirapur, is devoted to goddess Shakti or Mahamaya (Yogini Goddesses). The temple is believed to be built by the Queen Hiradevi of Bramha dynasty during the 9th century.  It's built in a circular fashion, completely put together with blocks of sand stone. The inside of the circular wall has cavities, each housing the statue of a Goddess. There are around 56 such idols, made of black granite, inscribed within the wall cavities, centering on the main idol which is the Goddess Kali, who...

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