Sundergarh is a district in the northwestern part of Odisha state in eastern India. It is one of the 5th scheduled areas under the constitution of India. Two princely States of Gangpur and Bonaigarh constitute the present district of Sundergarh, consequent upon the merger of the princely States on 1 January 1948.


According to the 2011 census Sundergarh district has a population of 2,080,664. The Tribals are a major part of the population of this district. According to Census of India report, the percentage of the tribal population of this district was 50.19. Kisan Tribe is the major inhabitants of this district along with Oraon, Gond etc. They are farmers and food gatherers by profession. They are famous for their singing and dancing along with their hospitality. They speak the Kisan language along with Sadri, Sambalpuri, Oriya, Hindi. People of Agariya community speak Agariya language, this language is a mix of Oriya and Hindi language. In village areas that border Jharsuguda district of Odisha and Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, the main language is Agariya, as most of the total population is Agariya. As Sundargarh is a tribal dominated district Mundari, Kurukh, Ho, Kharia, Santali languages are also spoken as mother tongue by the concerned tribal people. Santali is written in Ol Chiki script. Sadri language is the lingua franca among tribal people of this district.


Nuakhai, Karama and Rathyatra are the main festivals are celebrated by people of Sundargarh. Ramnavami is celebrated in a place called Bargaon. The place in Bargaon where the festival and cultural programs are performed is known as "Deva Mandapa. The theme of Ramnavami Yatra is the ‘Ramlila’.



Hockey is the game played mostly in Sundargarh. It got nicknamed "Mecca of Indian Hockey". This district has given many international level players to the nation like Dilip triky, Ignace Tirkey, Prabodh tirkey recently.


Farming is the main source of income of the people of Sudnargarh but these day's many big industries coming to establish their plants in various part of the district and people getting engage to these industries to get income. Industries like Rourkela Steel Plant in Rourkela, OCL in Rajgangpur and few more under construction or proposed.  Sundargarh district is rich in its mining goods. It has many mines of coal, iron ore, manganese, bauxite, dolomite etc.






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