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Top 14 Sambalpuri Sarees with Pasapalli Designs

Posted by Odi Kala on

Top 14 Sambalpuri Sarees with Pasapalli Designs

Sambalpuri Saree is a very Popular Handloom Saree which is produced mostly in Western Parts of Odisha. Each and every step include manual operation from the Weavers, no machine is used in the making of Sambalpuri Sarees. That's why it is one of the Best Handloom Sarees of India. Sambalpuri Sarees have many Beautiful and Traditional designs like Shankha (Shell), Wheels, Fishes, Lions, Trees, Tribals, Pasapalli, Forest, Flowers, Hills and so many more which makes it Unique from any other sarees. In this article, We are going to see Top 10 Pasapalli Sarees from our store. The speciality of the Pasapalli or Saptapar is the...

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