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Chhena Jalebi | Cuisine of Odisha

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Chhena Jalebi | Cuisine of Odisha

We all love sweet dishes, Among thousands of dishes, Jalebi has its own Unique look & mouth watering taste.Jalebi's fun is a bit different, it is fun to have served hot. Chhena Jalebi (Odia: ଛେନା ଝିଲାପି) is a sweet dish originally from coastal Odisha in eastern India, a state known for desserts made of chhena. Its popularity has spread beyond coastal Odisha. Chhena Jalebis are made in a manner very similar to regular jalebis which are popular throughout India. However, the basic ingredient is fresh curd cheese called chenna. Fresh chhena is thoroughly kneaded and rolled up into shapes similar to...

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