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Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary was made on 6 May 1981 and is situated in Nayagrh, Odisha, India, nearby the Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary. It is 168.35 square kilometers (41,600 sections of land) of sanctuary land.

Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha Map

The sanctuary has got its name from the 22 settlements existing within its span. The whole area has been constituted as the revenue villages. Being a part of the Deccan Peninsula Bio-geographical Zone, Eastern Plateau province and Eastern Ghat sub-division, the sanctuary is an ideal tourist destination.The sanctuary, an oasis of idyllic green is a hit with the urban city slicker crowd who are weary of the claustrophobic confines of life in a concrete jungle. The sanctuary vividly illustrates the diverse natural heritage that Orissa is blessed with.

Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary in odisha

Wildlife Sanctuary is sited in Nayagarh District and is located at a distance of 60 km from the namesake Nayagarh town. The moderately sized sanctuary encompasses a net area of 166 sq. km and is laced by the Mahanadi River along the passage carved out by the Satkosia Gorge. Located in the Eastern Ghats, the jungle clad hills offer shelter to numerous species of wild animals. The sanctuary’s pride rests in the tigers, elephants, mouse deer, the state animal sambar as well as a plethora of other wild species that inhabit the sanctuary. The sanctuary is also the home of variegated species of domestic as well as migratory birds whose dulcet chirps and colored plumes augment the charm of the surroundings. The sanctuary dotes with sylvan water bodies that gleam prettily like a mirage of quicksilver.

Myriads of tourists, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts are attracted by the scenic beauty of the vibrant vistas of the Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary. The hoary mist at dawn, the panoramic sunrise and the sunset and the river water changing shade from a gold amber heat haze in the afternoon to a shimmering aquamarine at dusk is indeed a sight to behold.

The best time to trip this sanctuary is from December to February. The nearest town of the sanctuary is Nayagarh, situated about 60 kilometers away. The adjacent railway station and airport are at Khudra and Bhubaneswar, which is, located 80 and 150 kilometers away respectively.


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