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Buddha Statue: Three remarkable Buddhist statues are found in Boudh .The first one that is present in Boudh town is that of a sitting Buddha measuring 6 ft 9 inches.The entire image is built up in sections with carved stones. The image is uninscribed and beneath the pedestal is the ancient stone pavement of the original shrine. The other statue measuring 5 ft is found in the village of Shyamsundarpur,40km from Boudh and is carved in sandstone. The third statue is found in the village of Pragalpur at a distance of 2 kms from Shyamsundarpur measuring 3.5 ft.These Budha statues are indicative of the fact that Baudh was an important Buddhist centre in the past.

At a distance of 40 Km. from Boudh  town the image of  Budhha is in the village shyamsundarpur. The height of statue is 5 ft. and the image is in the same posture as in Boudh town. Here also the  only attendant figures are two Gandharvas flying with garlands in their hands at the back of the Budhha statue.  The image is built up in sand stone. Locally it is known as Jharabaudia Mahaprabhu.

Another Budhha statue is also seen in the village Pragalapur which is at a distance of 2 km. from Shyamsundarpur. The height of this statue is 3.5 ft.. In the left hand side of the statue there are 3 numbers of invisible image and on the right hand side their lies five numbers of image called ugratara.

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