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Hello Shoppers,

The journey till now is going well, OdiKala is gaining more & more attention from you, we are thankful for that. Our vision is to give you the best quality products with unique designs direct from the weavers/artists of Odisha, hence our price is low comparing to others available online or offline.

As of now, We have 3 types of Saree categories, these are 1. Sambalpuri Cotton, 2. Bomkai Cotton & 3. Bomkai Silk Sarees. All of these are from the direct sources with beautiful and unique designs, without compromising on quality. We have plans to bring more on these Sarees.

We also have plans to bring more on 1. Sambalpuri Ikat Silk Sarees 2. Berhampuri Silk Sarees 3. Berhampuri Cotton Sarees 4. Nuapatna Silk Sarees 5. Nuapatna Cotton Sarees 6. Khandua Sarees 7. Tussar Sarees. By including all these you can be able to see and buy the wide range of Odisha sarees. 

The wide collection of Sarees will help you choose the right saree for the right occasion. So, stay tuned here at OdiKala, and Happy Shopping, Thanks.

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Bichitrapuri Sambalpuri cotton saree with blouse pieceBichitrapuri Sambalpuri cotton saree with blouse piece
Bichitrapuri Sambalpuri cotton saree with blouse piece
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