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Khandua Saree is an exceptionally well-known Saree Type of Odisha, The Saree is weaved at Nuapatana in Cuttack District. This saree is worn by Lord Jagannath.


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Khandua saree is woven with wooden weaving machines the conventional style of hand weaving and the entire town of Nuapatna is given to this customary type of weaving. The saree has its own acknowledgment and has many outlines, hues, and sorts to delineate.


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The central fascination of this saree is that it is made of a tussar worm from where the yarns are delivered. These yarns are changed over into dazzling textures and sarees. In view of an enormous prerequisite of the yarn, the tussar worm development is attempted by few co-agent social orders that take into account the necessities of the weavers. The main fascination of this saree is that it is made of customary silk yarn and accordingly changed over to wonderful textures and sarees. The nature of these yarns is tried with stringent rules and checked for contaminations assuming any. They are depended with the creation of value yarns and along these lines, the silk saree delivered is reliably acclaimed around the world. The excellent valuation for Khandua Saree is not bound to the general population who wear them but rather from the master originators and texture pro from over the globe.


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Khandua Saree is well known for its `Ikat` or generally famously known as `bandha`, which is a bit of workmanship to be seen and acknowledged. The possibility of the ikat depends on the social legacy of Odisha. The outskirts and the anchals comprise of numerous assortments and everyone they are alluring and worth adulating. The saree is initially composed in red, yellow, maroon, and cream shading. The saree can be seen being utilized by all the Odissi artists who have spoken to the move in India and abroad. The visual impact of the sarees charming and broadly valued by specialists. The name was adored to the point that the National Handloom Expo, once, was named after `Khandua`.


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Today taking a gander at the request to blend outlines the relatives of the weaving families have embraced themselves to deliver different present day plans and furthermore handcrafted plans. The `anchal`, as it is known in India is the most appealing piece of the Saree and makes a lady look exquisite and effortless. The outlines of elephants, lotus and different assortments of blooms, another present day look with geometrical structures are additionally made. The best element of this Saree is it weighs barely 300 grams. Khandua Saree has kept its conventional aesthetic shape with a mix of extraordinary present day touch, as indicated by the present request.

Khandua Saree has achieved the universal market. For exchanging request you may get in touch with them on their site. The Orissa Handloom Weaver`s Corporation can take into account your request and supply you the required plan, shading and nature of the texture.


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