Lankeswari Temple, Sonepur, Odisha

Lankeswari Temple is well known for its amazing natural beauty and it is counted as one of unique tourist destinations in the Sonepur/Subarnapur district, Odisha. Lankeswari temple is a delightful shrine. Lankeswari Temple is located inside the river Mahanadi at Sonepur town, Subarnapur district, Odisha, India.

Once upon a time Sonepur region was known as Paschima Lanka. Goddess Lankeswari was the presiding deity of Paschima Lanka. Now Maa Lankeswari is worshiped by the Kaivarta (fisherman) community of Sonepur and people of Subarnapur district. One can see this temple while traveling on the road connecting Ulunda, Dharmasala, Sonepur and Birmaharajpur.

It is believed that the King of Lanka, mighty Ravana brought the goddess Lankeswari from Lanka to Sonepur as he had an army base in Sonepur. Sonepur is often described as Paschima Lanka or Swarnapuri Lanka or Dwitiya Lanka or Subarnapur. This is further evidence that Sonepur is a strong hold of Tantric and Shakti culture.As this area belonged to the Dakshina Kosala Kingdom, the evidence is there in Ramayana that Ravana used to attack this part frequently.

Formerly the rock was worshiped as the deity, but now a structure is built. A deep gorge is formed near the hillock and it is known as Lankeswari Darha. The view of the river and town from the temple is picturesque. Sailing and fishing in the Lankeswari Darha with the local fishermen is a pleasurable experience.

Nearby Places to Visit

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Charda – This place attracts tourists for its famous Kapileshwar temple.

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