This district was carved out as district from the undivided Koraput district on 2nd Oct 1992. The administrative headquarters of this district is Malkangiri town.

Malkangiri is the new home of the Bangladeshi refugees, who were rehabilitated since 1965 under the Dandakaranya Project. Also, some Sri Lankan Tamil refugees were rehabilitated in Malkangiri town, following the armed struggle of LTTE in the early 90's (most of them have returned, bearing a couple of households). Currently, it is one of the most Naxalite-affected areas of the state.


Bhairavi Temple:
Bhairavi Temple is situated at a distance of 3 Kms. from the Malkangiri Town.The hill deity of Malkangiri is worshipped by the people coming from Jeypore and People leaving Malkangiri for their safe journey. A number of religious visitors are attracted to this temple to worship throughout the day. The deity is believed to be worshipped by the King of Malkangiri whose castles remnants are still found on the Raja Rani Hill just in front of Bhairavi temple.

Manyamkonda :
Manyamkonda is one of the GPs of Kalimela Block and it is situated at about a distance of 90 Kms, from the District Headquarter. This is an important religious place in Malkangiri District as the famous God of the Malkangiri District (Lord Mahaprabhu) is being worshipped at this place. Every year during the month of March/April a festival is being celebrated here. Every alternate year the famous festival known as "Bada Yatra" of Malkangiri starts from this place to Malkangiri "Mauli Maa Temple".

Bonda Hill:
Bonda Hill comes under the Khoirput Block of Malkangiri District. This is the living place of Bondas,the primitive tribal community in Malkangiri District. It is surrounded on all sides by dense hilly forest. The Bondas of the place even now remain nacked, and it is believed that they were cursed by Goddess Sita, as they laughed at her while she was bathing in a kunda which is named as Sita Kunda at Bonda Hill.

Ammakunda :
Ammakunda is one of the tourist places in Malkangiri district. It is situated at Khoirput Block near about 70 km from the district headquarter. This cool place embraces a natural water fall and subsequent flow of water forming a narrow gorge. The fishes found in that gorge are quite friendly to the human being and are believed to be the form of Lord Vishnu in ” Matsya Avatar”.


 The cultural tradition of Malkangiri is evident from the entertainment programmes of Dance and songs of the tribal people. The region of Malkangiri, though exhibits tribal culture, there is an essential distinctive feature, which characterises the cultural tradition and pattern of the different tribes living here.

Dance occupies an important part in the cultural tradition of Malkangiri. All men and women can take part in the dancing. In the time of festivals, dancing parties begin at nightfall, last whole night and continue even through the following day. However, each tribe has a distinctive pattern of dance, which reflects the peculiar cultural traits of Malkangiri.The mimic fight performed by the Koya tribes trying buffalo or bison horns on their heads is the chief cultural dance of the Koyas. Parojas dance is also an important cultural festival of Malkangiri district. All the unmarried and married young girls participate in the Parojas dance. They arrange themselves accordingly passing one's right hand behind the next girls back and grasping the left elbow of the third. The dance depicts the cultural tradition of Malkangiri district.


This district has a Power Station at Balimela and the proposed Vijaywada-Ranchi corridor road will pass through it.

In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Malkangiri one of the country's 250 most backwards districts (out of a total of 640).It is one of the 19 districts in Odisha currently receiving funds from the Backwards Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).


Malkangiri district is a very remote part of Odisha. It is connected through Jeypore-Motu Highway and Govindpalli-Sileru Road. By rail Network, Malkangiri is not connected at all. Nearest Major Railway Stations are Koraput Railway Station, Jeypore, and Jagdalpur. Nearest airport at Vishakhapatnam- 322 km. via Koraput, Sunki, Vijayanagaram.






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