Bargarh is an important district in Orissa situated in the western part. It is popularly called at “Rice Bowl of Orissa”. This district came into existence in the year 1992 by splitting from Sambalpur district. Mostly people engaged themselves in cultivation. Due to the good water supply for cultivation from Hirakud canal, people always busy in it thought out the year. Bargarh is also called a business hub of western Odisha. "SAMBALPURI SAREES" originated from Bargarh district itself. Hand woven sarees and other Sambalpuri Clothes are made in Bargarh District. Padmasree Kutarth Acharya was the founder of Sambalpuri clothes. The district is well connected by Road and Railways.


Veer Surendra Sai has fought the famous war against British in a place called Debrigarh which is a peak of Barapahar mountain range. His fight against the British Raj particularly after the First War of Independence in 1857 was remarkable in the history of freedom struggle in India.


Bargarh is famous for Dhanujatra.  The Krishna Leela is performed in this festival. And this is open stage performance. For this whole period, the town turns into the mythological city of Mathura with Kansa (played by a theatre artist) ‘ruling’ over it.

The "Nuakhai" is a social festival of unity. This festival is observed among kith and kins during the month of Bhadraba. The appropriate date of the Nuakhai is just the day after the Ganesh Puja. It is also regarded as the New Year of the Sambalpuri people. It is a festival of the harvest of crops. On this occasion, the new grain after harvesting is first offered to the local deity and during this festival, the people get themselves lost in merrymakings. Wearing new clothes, preparing delicious foods the people of this area celebrate this festival with enthusiasms. It is mostly an agricultural festival of Western Odisha.

Nrusinghanath Jatra is another major festival of the district, celebrated in the religious site of Nrusinghanath where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the form of Marjarakesari.

The Sital Sasthi Yatra celebrated in Barpali on the day of Sasthi in the month of Jestha every year on the occasion of the marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. There is a huge gathering of devotees at Barpali.


Nrusingh nath has situated about 110 km from Bargarh town. Apart from pilgrimage, it attracts ecological beauty to the tourists.  The place is situated in the Gandhamardan mountain range. It is said Gandhamardan is a part of dropped Himalayan peak which was taken by Hanuman on the way to Lanka to get the Bisalyakarani when Lakshman was injured during the war against King of Lanka Ravan.

The foundation of the temple was laid down by Baijal Dev on March 17, 1413, A.D. as per inscriptions. The temple of Lord Nrushinghnath is only 45 ft high. It is divided into two parts; the first being the seat of the Lord – a short raised narrow plinth and the other Jaga Mohan.







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