Debagarh District, also known as Deogarh District  is a district of Odisha state, India. It is located in the northern part of the state. Debagarh is the district headquarters. The district covers an area of 2781.66 km². The district has a population of 274,095 (2001 Census). As of 2011 it is the least populous district of Odisha (out of 30)


The district was created on 1 January 1994 by bifurcating the erstwhile Sambalpur district. It is currently a part of the Red Corridor.


Kurudkut Waterfall:


This waterfall is unknown to a lot of people. This is deep inside a dense forest. This is a small waterfall but with amidst natural beauty of jungle and waterfall. Govt has a plan for a Hydro Electric Power Project on this waterfall.

There is no perfect road to see the waterfall, you have to go 1kms on footstep roads to see this waterfall. Due to isolation, a lot of people do not come to this place. But this has the potential for a good tourism. This is also a stepped waterfall.

PradhanPat Waterfall:


This waterfall is in Debagarh District of Odisha. This is a stepped waterfall. This waterfall is also a famous picnic area. Localities always come to here for spending time and enjoying the beauty of this waterfall. There is a nice park also made for hangouts and children's enjoyment.

This place is surrounded by hills and dense forest. The water dropping is just like spraying someone from the top. In tourism point of view, this place has been maintained well with a nice bench, small bridges etc.. Here you can see a lot of monkeys. This waterfall situated on Pradhanpat Hills with rare scenic beauty. This waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Odisha. All year round you can see peoples comes here for natural scenery and to enjoy the beauty of this

District Headquarter: Debagarh
State Capital: Bhubaneswar
Nearest Railway Station: Sambalpur
Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar
How to Reach:
This Place is 100kms from Sambalpur and 136kms from Rourkela. This is situated on side of National Highway.


There are a number of educational institutes are present out of which Raja Basu Dev High School and Govt. college at Debagarh town are some of them.






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