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Thank you for reading this small yet important announcement.

We're a small team, and some of us are working remotely, and few are working from our main office. One of the staff members of the OdiKala team contacted COVID-19 from our main office in Sundargarh. Therefore, we've been suspending services for a few weeks.

Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees and of our customers. That's why the products will be shipped once the situation is 100% safe.

The contacted staff has suspended their work and taken the necessary health measures. We have properly sanitised the workplace and the products come into contact with the staff.

We have been distributing personal protective equipment, such as masks for our employees, and carrying out disinfectant spraying and temperature checks throughout our operations from the end of the lockdown.

We still accept orders, However, We will resume operations as soon as the situation is completely safe for both us and our customers.

We thank you for your understanding and trust in us. We will continue to deliver the best experience through our products and services.

  • Stay home stay safe, wear a mask around others
  • Follow the Golden Rule. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alchohol based hand-rub.
  • Stay physically fit

Please keep checking for any updates.


  • The staff affected by COVID-19, has totally recovered from the virus. And returned to work as tested negative.
  • The workplace and products have been sanitized and are clean and clear to resume operations.
  • OdiKala will start it operations as normal. And keep delivering the best and high quality products and services.
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